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The Vietnamese Mayflowers 

Written by doctors who lived the events, it is a historic document interspersed with heartfelt tales




The Vietnamese Mayflowers of 1975 - Expanded Edition Paperback – May 11, 2010           Edited by by Chat V. Dang , Hien V. Ho (544 pages)

The fall of Saigon in 1975 triggered an exodus of 2 million persons in search of freedom. "The Vietnamese Mayflowers of 1975" tells the experiences of a group of health professionals, doctors, pharmacists, and their spouses and children, who left their homeland under dire situations. Now well adjusted within a diverse American society, they identify themselves with the Mayflower pilgrims as they too crossed the seas in search of freedom. For anyone with an interest in Vietnam and her people, this book will be a source of information and inspirations. "The Vietnamese Mayflowers of 1975 "is about growing up within a culturally vibrant South Vietnamese society, about a uniquely enriching wartime medical education, about losing the only world and life that one ever knew, about surviving the rigors of reeducation camps, about embarking onto dangerous odysseys, and about the poignant rebuilding of professional lives.


Written by people who actually lived the events, this historic documentary is complemented with synopses of Vietnamese culture and history, descriptions of a peaceful way of life before the winds of war, and recollections of an American Professor assisting medical education in Saigon. The book also contains emotional accounts of the younger Vietnamese-Americans to define their lives and rediscover their roots. Striving to maintain the book's uniqueness and preserve its veracity by avoiding strong political overtones, the Editors hope that the book will entertain, inform and inspire.




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